Training Inclusions

Our training sessions are customised to your skills and needs. Here are some topics we include in our custom sessions.


Mike will coach you to develop the correct tennis serve technique, teaching you the complexities of serving and corrections, break down, and body awareness which will make sure your serve is progressing at each and every lesson

Net Play -Volleys

Mike will show you the best way to hit volleys, as finishing off a point and developing a quick reaction time at the net is always a skill which takes a lot of practice.

Ground Strokes

Mike will coach you utilising a variety of tennis drills focusing on the groundstrokes, backhands, and forehand drives as well as developing your footwork, body awareness and grips.


Mike will enable you to build your confidence to assess and anticipate different shots, develop footwork and outplay your opponent by using fundamental strokes and fitness

Comp Strategy

Mike works personally with you to develop your strategy and shows you how to make observations about your opponent which, combined with skill development, will fast track your game to competition and give you the upper hand in matches.


Mike will coach you on the best way to move to ensure you maintain your agility while focussing on the ball


Mike will make sure you keep moving to build your fitness in an enjoyable way.


Mike makes sure that you have fun ensuring all your lessons are varied and interesting.

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